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If you are here, you're likely trying to figure out if I am the kind of person you want helping you and/or your organization. Finding a good consultant is as much about personal philosophy and style as it is about expertise. 

As with anyone, there are many facets to my personality, mission, and philosophy, and I am happy to share them to help you determine whether or not I am the best fit for your organization. 

I am sincerely grateful that you took the time to visit. 

Best wishes, 

Esther M.

The Strategist | The Expert | The Problem Solver 

The Problem Solver

My job is to walk alongside senior leaders and business owners to gap assess capabilities, define risk appetite, and build agile frameworks for strategy execution that will deliver on purpose and vision.

I augment the operational and industry expertise of embedded leadership teams with my own expertise in strategy/risk systems and design, teasing out realities that are too close to be seen by those in the trenches and asking the sometimes obvious questions that have not-so-obvious answers. 

 The Strategist

My expertise is not industry-driven, rather it is very specific to the analysis and design of strategy, risk, and resilience within organizational environments. I have a broad foundation of expertise and knowledge that gives me the perspective and insight to add value to any leadership team looking to move their organization through significant transition or take their operation to the next level of evolution.

In business, we must continue to learn how to balance logic and intuition, strength and flexibility, action and patience, purpose and evolution. This is the path to creating the kind of contribution that leads to sustainable success. 

The Expert

Inside of an organization, master strategists are leaders and visionaries. As consultants, they are analysts, problem-solvers, and advisors. My expertise is very specific to strategy and administrative operations. By creating opportunity gaps between internal capabilities, I help leaders and organizations build frameworks that improve both efficacy and speed of critical operational and strategic decision-making.


These are the things that are important to me. I share as I see them from my perspective, for the benefit of the one or the many. 

Ready to redefine excellence???

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